ALDIS History

ALDIS (Austrian Lightning Detection & Information System) detects lightning activity in Austria. All the lightning data is stored in a database. The system is a cooperation between the Austrian Electrotechnical Association and the Austrian Power Grid AG .


ALDIS Milestones

Date Event
Fall 1991 Installation of sensors and test period
January 1992 Start of operation
June 1994 Upgrade to IMPACT technology
November 1995 Storage of stroke data in the database
June 1997 Test period of LP2000
January 1998 Start of operation of LP2000
May 1998 Integration of Slovenian sensors
June 1998 Integration of German sensors
May 2000 Official start of the EUCLID cooperation
April 2006 Renewal of all Austrian sensors completed
July 2011 Usage of sensor based onsettime calculation
December 2012 Correction of systematical time error
March 2015 Completion of the renewal of ALDIS sensors to sensor type LS7002
November 2017 Improved algorithm for grouping strokes in flashes
January 2020 Use of improved classification of cloud discharges
October 2023 ALDIS takes over German lightning information service BLIDS